Cleanup and Painting this Saturday

We will be meeting at the cemetery this Saturday for our monthly cleanup. Cleaning begins at approximately 8:00 in the morning and ends at approximately noon. In addition to mowing, weeding, and trimming, we will be repainting the pipe fence surrounding the cemetery. We will have the equipment, including painting materials. Just bring your hat, …

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Documenting History

The JWHCA is currently working on creating biographies for all of the individuals buried in the lower Witte section. If you are a descendant of or have information about the Witte, Hagedorn, or von Bieberstein families, please contact us at You may also comment on this post with whatever information you have. Thanks!

Rest in Peace, or, The Funeral That Never Was

Henry and his sister Mede, circa 1912 Life on a farm allows one to share completely in the fullness of life. Crops grow, animals are born, and families increase. But along with life comes loss. Crops wither, animals die, and family members pass away. Children, along with their parents, attend funerals and witness the rites …

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