52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: I Can Identify

While going through old pictures, I discovered this picture of Peter and Regina Jaeger and their family. If we can assume their approximate ages based on appearance and clothing, it appears this picture was taken in approximately 1912. It isn’t clear where the picture was taken, but likely was at the Peter and Regina Jaeger homestead.

Most of the folks are labeled in blue ink and their names written out on the back. While it is unfortunate that the picture was damaged, it is helpful that Grandpa made an effort to identify everyone.

However, the little boy in the center is not labeled, so I was unable to verify his identity. Additionally, some of the children who are labeled did not appear to be the age they would have been in this picture.  So, I turned to my mother, Aunt Katza, for help. She made a few corrections. In the list below, I include a few details about each person plus their approximate age, assuming the picture was taken in 1912:

  1. Laura, 15  (Rudolph and Sophia Jaeger’s daughter, later married to Hugo Noak)
  2. Lillie, 17  (Rudolph and Sophia Jaeger’s daughter, later married to Otto Jacob)
  3. Sophia, 39 (Rudolph Jaeger’s wife)
  4. Edwin, 8 (Rudolph and Sophia Jaeger’s son, used to own Jaeger John Deere in Giddings)
  5. Rudolph Jaeger, 45 (Peter and Regina Jaeger’s son)
  6. Gustav Jaeger, 32 (Peter and Regina Jaeger’s son)
  7. Henry Jaeger Sr., 48 (Peter and Regina Jaeger’s son)
  8. Herbert Jaeger, 10 (Henry and Alvine Jaeger’s son)
  9. Benno Jaeger, 13 (Henry and Alvine Jaeger’s son)
  10. Elsie Jaeger, 15 (Henry and Alvine Jaeger’s daughter, later married to Henry Teufel)
  11. Alvine Jaeger, 40 (Henry Jaeger’s wife)
  12. Henry Jaeger Jr., 2 (Henry and Alvine Jaeger’s son)
  13. Ida Jaeger, 17 (Henry and Alvine Jaeger’s daughter, later married to Adolph Pietz)
  14. Almeda Jaeger, 4 (Henry and Alvine Jaeger’s daughter, later married to Norbert Braeuer)

Peter Jaeger, 79, is labeled with an X. Regina Jaeger, 76,  is not labeled, and the little boy between them is their grandson Marvin Jaeger, 7 (Henry Sr.’s son).






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