52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Loss

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Loss

Louis Lane Teague was born in Eagle Lake Texas on December 9, 1952 to Willie Vester and Rita Fern Teague. Little Louis was the great-great-great grandson of Carl and Marie Louise Hagedorn and his lineage is as follows:

  • Carl + Marie Louise (née Knipping) Hagedorn
    • Anna Marie (née Hagedorn) + Victor Witte
      • Armin Witte + Bertha (née Menn)
        • Flora (née Witte) + Jay Jordan
          • Rita (née Jordan) + Willie Vester Teague
            • Louis Lane Teague

Louis had an older sister, Vickie, and two older brothers, William and David. Louis took ill on August 25, 1953, with acute onset enteritis and died early the next morning at the age of 8 months and 17 days. Willie and Rita would experience another heartbreaking tragedy less than two months later. On October 8, 1953 their son David died of Friedrich Waterhouse Syndrome (a sudden onset bacterial infection) the day before his third birthday. Two more tragedies would befall the Teague family. On February 12, 1958 Willie was stabbed to death by Rita’s stepfather Price Haney during an argument. And on Christmas Eve in 1971, their 16 year old daughter Janetta Faye was killed in a car accident. 

Louis Lane Teague is buried in the Jaeger Witte Cemetery alongside his great-grandmother Bertha. In 2014 his and his great grandmother’s headstones were restored and reset by Larry Jaeger.

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