52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Relationships

Ever since I began researching the history of the Witte section of the Jaeger Witte Cemetery, I have become curious about the relationships among the individuals buried in the lower Witte section. Family cemeteries function as a sort of “phone book” detailing who lived in the general area. But I found that some individuals such as the Teagues and Brandts lived in neighboring towns and were more closely associated with other families that had their own cemeteries. But upon talking with the younger sister of an individual who is buried in our cemetery, I realized that families bury their own in whichever cemetery is most readily accessible. And if a young child dies, the parents may choose to have the child buried near their grandparents or great grandparents. Such is the case with the Stoerner children, Louis Lane Teague, the Schlick children, and David Lange.

The following diagram lists the burials, beginning with Carl and Marie Louise Hagedorn. Parents and spouses who are buried elsewhere are presented in italics.

Carl and Marie Louise (Kippling) Hagedorn

  • Ferdinand
  • Anna Marie (Hagedorn) and Victor Witte
    • Marie Lisette Witte
    • Marie (Witte) and William Brandt
      • Walter Brandt
    • Francisca (Witte) and Albert Naegeli
      • Elsie (Naegeli) and Otto Dittrich
        • Infant
      • Lena (Naegeli) and Alfred Stoerner
        • L
        • E
        • Manfred
    • Armin Witte and Bertha (Menn)
      • Infant
      • Flora (Witte) + JT Jordan
        • Rita Fern (Jordan) + Willie Vester Teague
          • Louis Lane Teague
    • Rudolph and Henrietta (Menn)
      • Rudolph Jr.
      • Laura
      • Franciska (Witte) and Albert Schlick
        • Oscar
        • Agnes
        • Nellie
        • Edward
      • Elsie (Witte) and Paul Altman
        • Merton
        • Paula (Altman) and Bernard Lange
          • David Lange
  • Adele (Hagedorn) and Herman von Bieberstein
    • Fritz
    • Rudolph


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  1. McKenzie Ussery

    I’m Flora Witte’s granddaughter. My mother is her youngest daughter. I would love to connect with y’all. I’m trying to learn our family’s history.

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