September Cleanup Success!

On September 29th, Jeff, David, Kay, Debbie,  Jeanette, and I gathered at the cemetery to clean. Steven came up on Friday to mow, which was awesome because the grass had gotten pretty high. David and I spent the morning and early afternoon priming the cattle guard while the rest of the group swept, weeded, trimmed back bushes/trees, and finished mowing.


As many of you know, the cattle guard sign was created by Lanis Jaeger in the 1990s. He painted it using an air compressor while it was lying flat on the ground. Yesterday however, it had to be painted with a brush in an upright position. How? Very carefully and while I was inside the bucket of Mike’s tractor.


This was actually a lot safer than a ladder, which we used last time. Still, it was a little bit unnerving to be inside the bucket while Jeff drove it around. The gate is now primed and the next step is to finish priming the fence. David was able to get a little bit of the actual painting completed but I unfortunately dripped some primer onto it so we will need to fix that.

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