Headstone Restoration and Decorating

On Dec 1, 2018 Debbie, Kay, George, and Jeanette met to clean up and decorate. George also cleaned off another headstone.


Oscar Schlick’s headstone (see previous blog post) is still looking good. I sprayed it again with D2 to kill off some of the remaining lichens, then started on his sister Nellie’s headstone. Just like with Oscar’s headstone, the hardest part was picking the lichens out of the engraved areas.


Here is the Before and After shot. Whereas Oscar’s headstone was covered mostly with green lichens that could be pulled off by hand, Nellie’s stone was covered by the smaller rust colored ones. The challenge was in cleaning deep enough to remove them without damaging the surface of the stone. You’ll notice that the cleaned stone is still slightly discolored. But over time, this will fade.

Check this out! When I was cleaning, I found her initials on one of the bricks framing her grave. When we return in February, I’m going to check the other Schlick graves for similar engravings.


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