General Meeting and Cleanup Day

Jeff, Debbie, George, Kay, and Jeanette met on June 30th for a thorough cleaning of the cemetery. The Johnson grass had grown very high but we were able to get it done. Jeanette hit up a sale at Hobby Lobby, so we were able to put in new flowers for most of the graves. Our next cleanup day will be on October 20th, very early (8am). We will be mowing, weeding, sweeping, and replacing flowers. We always bring flowers for the graves but you are always welcome to bring your own flowers for a particular loved one. All flowers must be placed  in a heavy pot or vase, not in the grass (pots/vases have been placed on each grave for your convenience). If you supply your own pot/vase, we request that it be made of ceramic or quality plastic and have holes in the bottom (just like a traditional planter). This is because glass will crack in the hot sun and rainwater will fill containers and cause them to crack as well. These things pose a hazard when we weed and clean.

The JWHCA board of directors met, following the cleaning. We have many exciting projects we are beginning to work on, such as applying for a historical marker and painting the fence. Meeting minutes are available upon request by emailing George at






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